Rita Kavaliauskienė in the Autumn Issue of “Lamų Slėnis” magazine


Among the engaging stories, one more interesting than the other, we meet our Rita Kavaliauskienė in the pages of the autumn issue of “Lamų slėnis”.

A cozy conversation about art, new office spaces, about how to bring people together and be able to share what you have.

“I noticed that we never take the easy way, and we don’t want to go one at all. <…>That was our idea – to adapt the office to working people.

We chose the concept of an office-gallery, we have repeatedly searched for a place where art and people could coexist,” says Rita Kavaliauskienė, founder and board member of The Juozas Kavaliauskas Memorial Charitable Foundation and one of the founders of Noewe Foundation, collector.

Full reading in the paper edition of “Lamų slėnis”


Photo: Lina Jushke

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