Your help is crucial


Every year a part of us forget to donate 1.2% of our personal income tax, yet this could be a way to support children who suffer from oncological diseases. You can help those who are currently in need, without it costing you anything.

It is simple to show support. You can do so until July 1st, these are the steps to take:

How do you transfer 1.2% of your personal income tax?

Those who use online banking, the steps are simple:

– Log into the national tax office created by the electronic declaration system;

– Locate the correct form: the code is FR0512;

– Press to fill in the form directly in the website;

– Fill in the required sections:

– 1. In section 6S fill in a check;

– 2. In section E2 type in the receivers identification number: 305261384;

– 3. In section E4 type 1.2%.

– It is possible to set an end date to the financial aid until year 2023. There is also an option to instantly donate 1.2% to a specific organisation for a 5 year period at once. For instance, to donate a portion of the tax payables throughout 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 it is enough to simply fill in the form of one year (ex. 2019) by writing 2023 in the E5 section.  

We thank you!

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