A new partnership


Not long ago our charity foundation celebrated a one year anniversary of our initiative’s establishment. We are very happy to be starting this important moment with another significant partnership. The Baltic American Clinic is joining our initiative – we thank them for their financial support, as well as for providing protective resources – 15 thousand respirators, 20 thousand masks and 1.8 thousand glasses.

We would like to thank our new partner and the clinics CEO Inga Malinauskienė for the enormous support, which we can direct towards the children who are suffering this vicious disease. Such an important friendship and aid will bring hope and enormous aid to the children and their families.

Together with the Rimantas Kaukėnas charity group and charity foundation “Mothers’ Union”, this support transforms into aid for the children and their families. A part of this donation has also been shared with the Rimantas Kaukėnas charity group and a week ago sets of protective resources were sent and delivered to 51 families. Overall, the support exceeds 9 thousand euros. The other part of the aid has traveled to the ill children living in Mothers’ Union family homes as well as their families. We are grateful for those taking part in this mutual and noble cause, for spreading kindness to the ones who surround you.  

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