Help for Ukrainian children


It’s hard to even imagine what difficulties children have to go through, fighting for their lives every day in war-torn Ukraine. We continue to wholeheartedly want to help them. The efforts of our corporate group Lewben, which also includes our charitable foundation, are joined every day by companies and individuals who give their financial support. We want to thank everyone and especially UADBB LEGATOR, who provided an significant amount of support that will go to the children of Ukraine.

We continue our cooperation with the organization VšĮ “Geri startai”, which provides asylum in Lithuania to the wards of Ukrainian orphanages. We invite you to join the group “Children running away from war” >

You can transfer your support to our foundation’s account LT497290099067202710, and we will distribute it, or directly to the Geri startai VšĮ account LT964010042403947617.

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