Today, the children of Ukraine who have to flee at the start of the war need special help. We want and can help them. Today, the Juozas Kavaliauskas Memorial Charitable Foundation, part of our “Lewben” group of companies, started cooperating with the organization “Geri startai”. We believe that our financial support will help to save as many children from Ukraine as possible and allow them to be granted asylum in Lithuania.

More about the organization “Geri startai”, which provides asylum to Ukrainian orphanages in Lithuania, you can find by joining the group “Children fleeing the war”> https://www.facebook.com/groups/vaikaibega

We invite you to donate by transferring your financial support to the account of the Juozas Kavaliauskas Memorial Charitable Foundation LT497290099067202710 and it will be distributed or directly to the account of the public institution “Geri startai” LT964010042403947617.

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